Who Said You Should Be a StarSo, who ARE you to be a star in your industry?  Who says you should be the face of your brand?  What gives you the right to put your face on billboards, video and collateral materials?  Come on…you know that’s what they’re thinking.  So, how would YOU answer those questions?

Let me start by saying that I work with business owners & business leaders (CEO’s, Presidents, Top Level Managers, Real Estate Agents, Sales Professionals, etc.) who are the face of their own brand.  They ‘put themselves out there’ regularly and display their knowledge and expertise in their respective industry with tremendous results.

But in the beginning, one of the most common fears with BrandFace© clients is that they feel they might be questioned or ostracized about putting themselves out there on such public display.

When asked by others why you choose to be the face of your business, you need to be prepared with your answer.  I developed four powerful responses to doubters and naysayers, and I’m sharing those with you today.  If one of these works for you–steal it!

1.  “Business is about risks, and putting my own image out there is a risk, too.  But I believe in what my company/brand stands for, and nobody can tell that story better than me.”

2. “Frankly, I almost didn’t take this approach because I didn’t want people to see me as egotistical.  Then I realized…all business leaders have egos, and I might as well embrace it! It’s either me or the other guy.”

3.  “I was really intimidated by this approach at first, but now that my face is out there, you wouldn’t believe how encouraging people can be, even strangers.  They tell me about their experience with me or my company, and that they appreciate what we’ve done for them.  I never really expected that response.  It’s humbling.”

4. “Tonya made me do it”.  Don’t laugh…some of my clients actually use this one!  It always elicits a big laugh, and those who know me truly know that I will make them do it, so it’s actually partially true.  Don’t forget to add, “Tonya says people don’t do business with a logo–they do business with a person.  And she’s right…it’s working.”

So the next time someone asks you, “Hey, why is your face all over your website?” or “Could your face getting any bigger in that ad?”, have patience and confidence.  After all, they noticed you…so it worked, didn’t it??

P.S.  To be able to use answer #4, all you have to do is join our STAR roster!!:)


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