GameFace image-kid in capeSaveFace image-kid as cowboyAboutFace image-kid detectiveYou don’t have to own your own business to become the face of a brand.  A BrandFace® can be a CEO, president, sales manager, salesperson, child of an owner, home-based business expert or anyone in a situation where they are likely to represent the brand for an extended period of time.  Real estate agents are a prime example of BrandFace potential.

Regardless of which position you hold, I’ve found that most BrandFace® prospects fall into three different categories:  GameFaceSaveFace and AboutFace.  Knowing where you stand right now will help to prepare you for where you want to be!  So…which one are you? 

Someone with a lot of confidence, a healthy ego.  Their game face is always on.  These people have no problem putting themselves out there because they strongly believe in the core idea that their business is built upon.  Most have taken the personal and professional risks to build the business or brand, and are willing to openly express what they stand for.

Someone with confidence, but who is hesitant to put themselves out there for fear of what others will think of them.  They share the same characteristics as the GameFace, but tend to second guess themselves and their ability to represent their brand.  They would often rather save face than risk ridicule and failure.

Someone who has never really thought about being the face of their brand and how impactful it could be for their business.  I believe that people don’t do business with a logo…they do business with a person.  The AboutFace group just needs to be reminded of this, and after thinking it through are usually open to representing their brand.

So which one are you?  We’d love to hear from you!


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