After years of observing business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who are the ‘face’ of their business, we have found that there are three main types of personalities. As you are learning about each of these, think about which category you may represent.  Knowing this can go a long way toward helping you move forward with a clear personal branding approach and position.


A GameFace is someone with a lot of confidence and a healthy ego. Their GameFace is always on, and they have no problem putting themselves out there because they strongly believe in the core idea that their business is built upon. Most of these professionals have taken great risks to build their business or brand, and are willing to openly express what they stand for. 


A SaveFace is someone with confidence, but who is hesitant to put themselves out there for fear of failure or what others may think of them. They share many of the same characteristics as the GameFace, but tend to second guess themselves and their ability to represent their brand. They would rather save face than risk ridicule and failure. Fortunately, the rewards that come with a strong personal branding approach will quickly outweigh those fears.


The AboutFace personality simply hasn’t thought about being the face of their business and how impactful it could be. They tend to approach business more logically, so when they are taught that “people don’t do business with a logo – they do business with a person”, they are usually open to the concept. 

The ultimate goal is to become the GameFace, but many businesses have been successfully built and led by SaveFace and AboutFace personalities, as well. Regardless of which BrandFace type you may be, the goal is to put your personality, beliefs, and ideals out there in order to gain both recognition and riches for your business.