We speak with real estate professionals all over the world every week. And the one thing we find that they have in common is feeling very ‘scattered’ when it comes to marketing. We often hear, “I feel like I’ve got everything…I just don’t have everything TOGETHER. I don’t know where to start.” It’s very frustrating when you feel like you’re a ‘together’ person, but you can’t seem to communicate it the right way.

There’s a reason why your marketing isn’t coming together to represent you the way you deserve. If it’s taking you a full ten minutes to describe what you do to someone, then you’re not focusing and distilling your story enough. And you’ll continue to get the ‘deer in the headlights’ look when you’re eight minutes into explaining how you’re ‘different’.

The real problem is that you need to FOCUS by distilling all you could offer into one solid brand and position. Once you pull your branding all together, everything will change. How you approach people. How you introduce yourself on the phone. The tone of your emails. And money will come pouring in. The problem isn’t you, but rather, how you PRESENT yourself. Take both the professional and personal sides of yourself, and put a spotlight on them. When you focus on how you present yourself, you will know exactly how to tell people how and why you’re different, and what that means to them.