There are new buyers & sellers in your market every week. And every single potential lead becomes a new ‘squirrel’ that captures your attention and derails your day. Since you don’t want to turn any of them away, you chase them all. Every single one. “You never know, right?” They all have potential! There’s a never-ending parade of squirrels that promise to deliver the golden nut. We’ve all had our fair share of chasing squirrels and throwing money away at prospects with zero return. However, it’s time you realize one of the most important business lessons: the squirrels should be chasing YOU. 

The biggest problem is NOT the squirrels. Rather, it is two-fold:

  • You are not focused on your own purpose and needs; therefore, you feel like you must chase them all just to make a living
  • You don’t stand out as the person that could solve their problem, the one they should have been chasing

And when those critical elements are not in place, you can expect to spend boat loads of time on tons of squirrels with very little return. This is because prospects don’t see you as any different than all the others. You deserve to be the most recognized & ‘chased’ agent in your market & niche. If you define yourself and your message first, not only will the squirrels start chasing YOU, but the rest of your marketing will explode.