You’ve no doubt passed by a competitor’s billboard recently. You’ve seen their ads and posts on social media. You’ve pulled their postcards out of your mailbox. You might be thinking to yourself that they must be doing really well. This leads to the question, “What am I doing wrong?” You know the business inside-out, when most of your competitors don’t. You maintain the highest level of integrity and you feel no one delivers better customer service than you. So, why does it seem like your competitors are getting more attention and business?

The problem is NOT your competitors. They will always be there, and no matter what you do, they aren’t going away. The real problem is that you haven’t defined yourself to your ideal customer in a way that makes them take you seriously. They don’t even know what makes you different. In fact, YOU may not even know what makes you different! 

If you’re sick of being out-smarted, out-positioned and out-marketed, there are two ways to get yourself ahead of the game. These two things became the foundation for our books and company today. You need to:

  • Figure out exactly WHO you want to attract, and what you can offer in a UNIQUE WAY
  • Position yourself as the ONLY ONE who can deliver it.

So, how will you be different? People need to equate you with the industry in a unique way. Your brand is what positions you as the authority in your industry. By defining, developing and displaying your story correctly and consistently, it positions you ahead of your competitors every time.