It was about three years ago when BrandFace Founder, Tonya Eberhart, was on the phone with a real estate agent in Arizona. She was inquiring about coming into their personal branding program, but wasn’t sure she needed the help.  She told Tonya that she was already well branded in her market. She said, “When I walk into a restaurant, everybody knows me. They know I’m a Realtor”. 

Your Brand Has Only Begun

Tonya replied, ”That’s a great start! BUT…let me challenge your thought process. Let’s assume I walk into the restaurant and recognize you. ‘Hey, there’s Sherry, the Realtor!’ However, I look across the restaurant, and two tables to the right, I see Kathy the Realtor. And over in the corner, there’s David the Realtor. Now who do I choose?”

Branding To Remember

Is there something that stands out about one of them more than another? Something that intrigues potential customers enough to reach out? Something that STANDS OUT? Do they know something more personal about any of them? Who will they most likely remember long after they leave that restaurant?

Branding Involves More Than Your Profession

As the conversation continued, Tonya gave this agent a valuable piece of advice she has never forgotten.  “Branding is not about being known for your profession. It’s about being known for being DIFFERENT in your profession.” In today’s world, where thousands of new agents enter or return to the industry every year, it’s more critical than ever to be DIFFERENT. This same principle applies to any industry. Don’t be the one who is only recognized for your profession. Take control of your situation, your prospects, your image, your reputation, and your money. Build your brand first.