You finish the closing and the check is in hand. It should be an incredible day! But over half of that money is already gone. And half of that half goes to advertising, just so you can keep going. It’s a frustrating cycle. You think to yourself, “Does it have to be that much? The last few months I’ve spent SO much, and only generated three qualified leads.” Many business professionals are practically strangling on advertising costs. They’re simply making a mistake that many others are also making every day.  Business professionals who are trying to get the #1 spot in their market usually fall in one of two categories. 

Two Ways To Get To The #1 Spot In Your Industry

  1. They out-SPEND and out-deliver
  2. They out-MARKET and out-deliver

In both situations, they must out-deliver to get to number one. You have to be exceptional at what you do.  However, #2 has it figured out. They spend money on advertising, but they do so with a clear and defined message. As a result, they are remembered, recognized, and best of all, sought after. They out-market all the others.

Which One Does It Correctly?

Those who are struggling are no doubt using the first strategy. They’re just spending…and spending…and spending. The poor ‘spending’ folks are spinning their wheels with an undefined message and a presence that is average, ordinary, or just like everyone else’s. They are forced to spend more money to generate the same (or worse) results as the ones who out-MARKET.

The Real Problem With Marketing

The problem is NOT how much you’re spending on advertising. It’s what you’re getting out of it. Work on how to make your money work for YOU by advertising with a clear and defined message.