Authentic Personal Branding Formula That Clearly Defines Your Point of Differentiation & Ideal Customers So You Can STAND OUT And End 'Spray & Pray' Marketing Forever

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Your brand is much more than just your logo, photo and tagline.

Learn about our ADVANCED formula that real estate agents across the globe have used to STAND OUT and out-market their competitors using an authentic & simplified approach to marketing on today's modern platforms. You'll learn...  

  • How to DEVELOP A LASER FOCUS on your marketing position so you stand out among competitors
  • How to BECOME A RECOGNIZED AUTHORITY so people know you even before you speak with them
  • The exact formula for breaking free of the SEA OF SAMENESS to transform into a sought after agent
  • How to ELIMINATE THE FRUSTRATIONS of 'spray and pray' marketing and finally get it all together
  • How an OMNIPRESENT BRAND increases money and freedom even while you sleep
  • How to ATTRACT BEYOND YOUR SPHERE OF INFLUENCE so you don't 'starve inside the sphere'
  • How you can have YOUR OWN UNIQUE BRAND even while working under a brokerage or agency

Tonya Eberhart & Michael Carr are international bestselling authors & keynote speakers on personal branding. BrandFace® real estate clients span 4 countries and 41 U.S. states, and growing rapidly. See why everyone is talking about the BrandFace® the recognition & riches you deserve!ra  

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