When you’re up against hundreds or thousands of other agents in your market, have you ever wondered what really sets you apart? When it comes to marketing, do you struggle to decide what message and image to put out there that is different from all the others? Thousands of clients have told us these are the two places they always get stuck.

They Haven’t Defined Their Brand

Most agents come to us believing their marketing platforms, systems, coaches, and trainers are failing them. In reality, this is often not the case at all. Rather, it’s HOW they’re using those marketing platforms and systems. Or better yet, whether they are using them DIFFERENTLY.

This is exactly what BrandFace® Founder, Tonya Eberhart, first noticed when she started her sales and marketing journey almost 3 decades ago. She was selling vacuum cleaners door to door, paying her way through college. She quickly discovered that she needed to set herself apart in order to tell prospects WHY they should let her inside their home, and HOW that decision would impact them in a positive way.  She knew it wasn’t good enough to walk up to the door and say, “Can I come in and demonstrate a vacuum that will cut your cleaning time in half?” It had to be more. It had to be different from everyone else who was knocking on their door.  Once Tonya figured this out, she was able to pay almost all of her college expenses by canvassing homes. That was actually the beginning of her own personal branding journey.

They Haven’t Developed Their Brand

She soon became discovered by someone in the radio industry and began an 18 year journey in the media world. She learned that the business owners who were the face and voice of their own business – those who had a unique and compelling story – were almost always #1 in their industry and niche. Their branding elements (logos, taglines, biographies, photos, etc.) were developed to represent their point of differentiation, and displayed consistently across all of their marketing.  This final step (marketing) came after their brand was built. 

In conclusion, no professional in any industry can possibly know where or how to market themselves until their brand is well defined, developed, and displayed.