No Time For ContentOur specialty is working with entrepreneurs, business owners and real estate professionals who are the face of their brand. The most important thing they can do to establish their expertise is to share it with others. In the beginning of almost every BrandFace client relationship, we’ve heard the same thing: “I don’t have time to do the blog posts, videos and social media stuff”. And furthermore, “If I had time for that kind of stuff, I wouldn’t be hiring you”.

We just had a conversation this week with one of our clients about training his employees. His chief complaint was that he has one guy on his staff who can perform any home improvement task his customers need completed, and about eight others who can only perform specific tasks. That means his highly skilled worker often gets pulled from more important, profitable jobs to perform other tasks that, frankly, another employee should be able to do.

We suggested he list all the most common jobs his company currently completes, and as each job type resurfaces throughout their daily routine over the next several weeks, he require a simple video recording of the job from start to finish to serve as a how-to for the other workers. From there, it can go on their company YouTube channel for his employees to access for training. Shot once, and in the record books forever. So how does this remind us of content?

If you take the time to write or record your thoughts on a particular subject ONCE, it’s done. Think of how many times you repeat certain tasks, lectures, meetings and even note taking.  Not only will content capture help your prospects and customers learn about you and your business, it can trickle down through your team to reinforce the beliefs and ideals your company or brand was founded upon. You’ll find that this one simple act of capturing content will serve you in a multitude of ways.

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