There are hundreds of places to market your business. And you’re pretty sure at this point that you’ve tried them ALL. Frustration doesn’t begin to describe how you feel. From Zillow, Facebook, print ads, and postcards, the list is endless.

BrandFace® Founder Tonya Eberhart knew this because she was in the media industry for 18 years. Tonya worked for a company that owned a daily newspaper, weekly newspaper, broadcast TV affiliate, two radio stations, direct mail company, several magazines, and over a dozen websites. She spent years learning how to coordinate the different mediums to work beautifully together to communicate a single, powerful message. However, what she learned from those 18 years may surprise you: the places you market are secondary to the real issue.

You can pick the perfect platform, and you can fail. You can choose the perfect time, and you can fail. You can extend an incredible offer, and you can still fail. The marketing platform is not the problem. The problem is most likely your MESSAGE and IMAGE. Are you the business professional they’re seeking? What makes you stand out? How do you communicate this in an unforgettable way? This is all part of the strategy for personal branding that must be in place before you market or advertise anywhere. Without it, the chance of failure is much higher. Stop throwing marketing money against the wall to see what sticks. Determine your strategy first, and your marketing will easily fall into place.