The last time you sat down to design a marketing piece, did you feel lost? Does your business card have so much text and so many logos on it that you can barely see…you? Do your brochures have all the ‘facts, Jack’, but none of the sizzle? Does your website look like…well, everyone else’s? Do you ride past that competitor’s billboard & think they must know something you don’t know? One of the most exasperating things is knowing you’ve got what it takes to be a business STAR, but you just don’t know how to get that point across in your marketing.

The Problem Is Not The Marketing Platforms

If you cringe every time you think of putting together a marketing piece, you need to know this. The problem is NOT the shiny brochure, new call to action or flashy new website. The problem is that YOU are undefined. Your mission and message are unclear. When you define what makes you different from all the other agents, three phenomenal things happen.

3 Things That Happen When You Define What Makes You Different

  • You feel pride and confidence in WHO YOU ARE
  • Your marketing efforts become incredibly EASY
  • You begin to attract the RIGHT customers, who now see you as different and unforgettable

You really do have it all…you just don’t have it all ‘together’. Until you stop experimenting and start DEFINING, nothing will change. You’ll continue to feel lost and agitated when you think about your marketing efforts. However, when your marketing finally all comes together, you’ll be so excited you’ll promote you and your business everywhere!