Do you feel like your social media efforts have been a colossal waste of time? It can be complicated at times with all the different platforms & tools at your disposal. It can also feel like you’re not getting the engagement levels you want, and that that engagement isn’t turning into real leads. Sometimes it even feels like there’s no point being on social media at all.

The truth is, it’s not social media that is wasting your time. The problem is the starting point. Have you defined what you are going to put on those platforms that will make you stand out? Have you developed the unique messaging and imagery that will attract your ideal prospects? Have you displayed your message and image consistently each time you interact with someone?

Everyone is using social media. However, most people have NO STORY and NO STRATEGY.​​​​​ The sooner you know your story and strategy, the easier all of your marketing choices will become. You have a story. Tell it. You’ll find that many people will have similar stories, and that sharing yours establishes a connection to your client or customer, especially when it comes to social media.

It’s not the tools. It’s the purpose, the message, and the image. Until you define these things, you’ll end up wasting a lot of time trying many social media tactics and shiny tools that still won’t tell your prospects why they should do business with you.