The truth about marketing awarenessA lot of people ask me if they need a personal tagline, a phrase that acts as your unique identifier.  The answer is…yes.  Every entrepreneur, business leader or sales professional that goes through our BrandFace® training receives a personal tagline.  That tagline focuses on either who they are or what they do.  For instance, mine is Agent to Business Stars.  At a glance, it tells someone that I am an Agent (a word that most often applies to the Hollywood set) and that I work with people in the Business world…who are Stars (the best of the best).  Those four little words say a lot, right?

The first thing I do when working with any BrandFace® is to position them in the marketplace (versus their competition).  In other words, we look carefully at their point of differentiation which should be based on their ideal customer’s needs mixed with their own unique knowledge and skillset.  Once we determine their position, we move forward to create the image and messaging that will be used consistently across multiple marketing platforms to bring their brand to life.

I thought you might enjoy a few positioning and tagline examples from our current BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals workshop.

Ken Gordon (Melbourne, FL) found that many prospects were concerned about horror stories with regard to the real estate process, including delayed or botched closings.  His unique skillset was in knowing several secrets to getting to the closing table faster.  He is positioned as Secret Agent Ken Gordon and his tagline is Secret Agent of Smooth Transactions.  In his recent photo shoot, he focused on a James Bond type of theme, fully embracing his new BrandFace® position and character.

Kristin Mango (Alexandria, VA) has a Master’s Degree in Literature and has written for high profile real estate and construction magazines.  Her intense interest in the history of homes and the families that have lived in them is what’s truly unique.  To Kristin and her clients, a home is more than just the walls…it’s about the story of both the past and the future.  She is positioned by what she does rather than who she is, and her tagline is The Story Behind the Home.   She finds suitable, meaningful homes for people who want a true real estate partner, not just a transaction.

Tony Guy (San Antonio, TX) loves the townhome and condo lifestyle, and has decided to focus on that sector of real estate in his area.  He feels this provides a wise alternative for those who enjoy the independence, flexibility, amenities and the community aspects that townhomes and condos can provide.  Tony is positioned as the Home Wise Guy, which can provide a clever double entendre.  He is truly Home Wise…and he can also be a Wise Guy (and have a little fun with his position)…and let’s not forget that his last name is Guy.  A perfect position and tagline for Tony!

When it comes to great branding and positioning, “You don’t just need people to know that you exist.  You need [the right] people to know WHY you exist.”  (Please feel free to tweet that quote! @brandfacestar)  Your point of differentiation dictates your position, which determines the brand that will be communicated effortlessly through your imaging (including your logo & tagline) and messaging.  Your personal tagline is an extension of you and a very powerful part of your overall brand.


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