Every agent knows what we’re talking about. We all have those clients who are just plain crazy. The ones who want everything, but aren’t willing to consider the investment and commitment that ‘everything’ requires. The ones who won’t stop calling you even though they refuse to commit to you as their exclusive agent. The ones who never return your call and then complain that you’re not communicating with them. The ones who won’t make even the simplest repairs and insist their home is worth much more than it actually is. The crazy ones take the most time and produce the least return. And they can make your life miserable…until you figure out how to avoid them altogether.

It only takes a couple of ‘crazy’ ones to throw you into a tailspin and take your attention off the people who really deserve it. So, the million dollar question is: how do you get rid of them?

There are only TWO ways:

  • Don’t attract them in the first place.
  • Put yourself in a position so you can graciously refer them elsewhere.

The first is accomplished by making sure you are well defined, developed, and displayed as a professional, and that your purpose, direction, and ideal customers are crystal clear. Before you can begin to market yourself effectively, you must define your point of differentiation. What is it that makes you or your business truly different? Define and position yourself to avoid those crazy customers and focus on the ones that are best suited for you.

The second is accomplished by making you stand out among your peers. What are you going to do to stand out so you’re the one that prospects notice? It isn’t enough that people know you’re a real estate agent. They undoubtedly know dozens already. Great branding isn’t about being known for your profession. It’s about being known for being different in your profession. Aim to bring in enough business that you can afford to refer the crazy clients to someone who is truly better suited to help them. 

In conclusion, you can’t cure “crazy”. But you can definitely dodge these clients and make your days much more rewarding and meaningful. Don’t let another one waste your precious time and derail your success.