Are you marketing without your clothes? This is a phenomenon happening almost every day. Agents are marketing themselves everywhere WITHOUT a clearly defined position and brand. Let’s put this in perspective. Isn’t that just like walking out the door in the morning without your clothes? You’re going to get some kind of attention, no doubt – but it’s probably not the kind you’re seeking! What you put on your marketing materials needs to define who you are and why your ideal customer should choose you over other agents.

Many agents will tell us that they intend to work on their social media pages and websites first, and then focus on their branding. However, when agents take that approach, they’re left with the question what image and message they should be putting on those platforms. Before you can begin to market yourself effectively, you must be able to answer these questions.


Five Critical Questions Every Brand Must Answer:

  • What sets you apart?
  • Who do you serve?
  • How do you serve them?
  • What qualifies you to serve them?
  • How does it make their life better?

This takes place in the Definition phase of branding.  After you have the answers to these questions, you must then Develop all of the branding elements to get those answers across to your prospects and customers.  And finally, you need to understand how to Display those branding elements on all of your marketing platforms. 

You see, marketing actually comes AFTER your brand is built.  It might sound really simple, yet so many get it wrong. So, the next time you think about marketing yourself, make sure you’re ‘dressed for success’ by clearly defining, developing and displaying your brand to ensure that they know why they should choose you.