Have you ever thought to yourself, “How is it that I keep attracting poor quality leads who already seem to know ‘everything’ about real estate and never take my advice”? Every time you get a “no” from someone or talk to an unqualified person, you doubt yourself and your ability. That makes it really hard to want to invest more time and money into marketing yourself as a real estate agent.

Remember when you were a kid and you got your first magnet? You walked around holding it next to every possible metal object and it would pull them right in. Well, that’s likely what is happening with your real estate business right now! The brand and position you have in place could be magnetically attracting the wrong people. It could be attracting prospects who are NOT your ideal clients. Every time you talk to a person who is NOT your ideal client, it takes away your energy, makes you question why you are even in this business and if you will ever find the ‘sweet spot’ where these ideal clients actually exist. Why would you want to invest more money just to attract more people who suck the life out of you? 

The real problem is that your brand is not representing YOU, because if it was, those ideal clients would put their money—and their faith—in you, as their real estate ‘partner’. You deserve to work with only the best people who are ready to take action now and want to work with YOU. You see, the problem is not you. Rather, the problem is how you present yourself. Don’t spend another dime marketing just to attract more people who aren’t a fit for you. Find the best place to put your magnet by positioning yourself and your brand to attract the people you want to work with and can best serve.