Do you feel like your marketing is kind of like the stainless steel ball in an old fashioned pinball machine?  It just darts around and lands ‘wherever’? In other words, have you been using the old ‘spray and pray’ method of marketing? If so, that’s not what you deserve.  You need a well defined, developed, and displayed personal brand that sets you apart and helps to attract your ideal customers.  Only then will your marketing be focused. And when you’ve accomplished that, five magical things take place to catapult you and your business.  

#1. You gain CONFIDENCE

The level of confidence you have just knowing you’ve finally found your place changes everything. Your image is more elevated, your message is more clear, and your brand is more professional. 

#2. You can COMMUNICATE clearly 

A well-defined brand can tell your ideal customer (within seconds) that you are THE ONE they’ve been waiting for.  If you don’t take the time to tell your prospects and customers what sets you apart from others in your industry, they will assume you are the same as all the rest. However, if you can communicate your point of differentiation, you leave nothing to guesswork.

#3. Your business has a solid DIRECTION

Your brand and direction will be so well-defined, that your everyday systems begin falling into place with ease. No more feeling scattered and aloof. Now, you know exactly what you’re doing from the moment you wake up.  You know why you’re doing it, how you’re doing it, who you’re doing it for, and the impact it makes on them.

#4. You provide internal CLARITY

In addition to sharing your story with your customers, think about the people inside your organization, too. Everyone who comes into your business, whether it’s an administrative assistant or an entire sales team, clearly understands your mission and direction because it’s all spelled out. This helps attract the right people into your culture from the inside out.

#5. You’re ready for MARKETING

Instead of the ‘spray & pray’ method of marketing, you now have every single element you need to market yourself effectively (brand messaging, imagery, design, etc.)  This allows you to get your image and message across with authority and consistency without reinventing the wheel each time you market yourself.

We purposely stop at just 5. Reasons 6-11,000 will have to wait because they’d make this post much too long. It really is like magic. Get your personal branding together to have these 5 magical things and achieve the marketing results you deserve!