Gratitude Knows No Season

20150315_113419To those of you who are opposed to sappy, sentimental posts, you have my permission to skip right over this one.  But you’ll regret it if you do.  I feel compelled to share this story today.

Last week I visited my family in Georgia, and had the great honor to spend some time with my Aunt Ethel, whom you see pictured here. She’s 94, has Alzheimer’s and is living in a nursing home. Continue reading

3am Elevator Speech


Perfecting your elevator pitch is essential to clear communication and focus.  I’ve helped many people do that very thing over the years. But (just between you and me), I once sucked at doing it for myself. In the past, when someone asked me what we do, my response often began with, “How much time do you have?” and resulted in the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’ look, which was soon followed by, ‘Now, what exactly is it that you do?” That’s when you know it sucks. Continue reading

Your Brand Starts With Thanks

Thank You NoteI was meeting with Jeff Young (LinkedIn Guru) in Columbus, Ohio yesterday, when he uttered a statement I thought to be quite profound.  He said, “Your brand starts with thanks”.  I couldn’t agree more, Jeff.  Thank you for sharing your personal story and LinkedIn knowledge with me, and for inspiring this post. Continue reading

Are you LIVING in Glengarry Glen Ross?

Are you LIVING in Glengarry Glen RossAnyone who has seen this movie knows exactly what I’m referencing.  It’s a movie about four real estate agents competing to keep their jobs.  Their real estate company hires a corporate trainer whose mode of ‘motivation’ is pitting agent against agent in a cutthroat competition.  During his training period, only the two top producers will keep their jobs, and the other two will be fired. Continue reading


compassYears ago, I made a statement to my father that resonated so much, he still reminds me of it each time I see him.  We were discussing family members and friends who consistently made poor life choices.  Let’s face it…we’ve all made poor choices from time to time.  But it’s that word ‘consistently’ that does the most damage and causes us to doubt ourselves and lose our way. Continue reading

The Crossroads of Confidence & Competition

The Crossroads of Confidence & CompetitionI’ve been thinking a lot about CONFIDENCE…and COMPETITION.  Recently, real estate agents tell me there are two things that bother them most:  noncommittal clients–and watching a competitor reach successful heights (all while knowing they’re the better agent).  You may think it’s egotistical or arrogant to think you’re better.  But what if you KNOW you are?  What if you’ve put in the work, educated yourself in your craft and treated your clients the way you’d want to be treated?  And most important of all…you helped your clients to create the RESULTS they were seeking? Continue reading

Which BrandFace® Are You?

GameFace image-kid in capeSaveFace image-kid as cowboyAboutFace image-kid detectiveYou don’t have to own your own business to become the face of a brand.  A BrandFace® can be a CEO, president, sales manager, salesperson, child of an owner, home-based business expert or anyone in a situation where they are likely to represent the brand for an extended period of time.  Real estate agents are a prime example of BrandFace potential.

Regardless of which position you hold, I’ve found that most BrandFace® prospects fall into three different categories:  GameFaceSaveFace and AboutFace.  Knowing where you stand right now will help to prepare you for where you want to be!  So…which one are you?  Continue reading

Is a BrandFace© approach right for you?

ChecklistIf you’re an entrepreneur, business leader or real estate professional who has considered becoming a bolder, more prominent face of your own business, there are several things you should consider first. The whole idea behind a personal branding approach is to position yourself as an asset to your customers in a unique way, and share your knowledge and expertise about a particular subject. The goal is to become a sought-after expert in your industry and market, and to be the person/business that your customers turn to because they think of you first (for all the right reasons!). Consider this checklist…and if you can answer ‘yes’ to all, you’re an excellent candidate!   Continue reading