6 Ways To Get Free Press

The only thing better than being recognized as a real estate authority in your market is getting recognized for free.  With some advanced planning and a little research, it’s actually easier than you may think.  Public relations opportunities are plentiful, and just a little effort can help you capitalize on your expertise and credibility.  Here are six ways you can tap into your own knowledge and local area resources to help you stand out among your competitors without spending an extra dime on advertising. Continue reading

Simplifying Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews-stars.fwAll the Right Words in All the Right Places

Customer reviews are a hot topic, and rightfully so.  Not only do reviews provide some measure of confidence to your prospects, they can directly affect your search results on almost any platform that accepts reviews.  The more reviews you have, the more likely you are to appear near the top of the list when people are seeking a property and/or an agent.  Some agents have excelled at the process of getting a multitude of reviews; however, we hear from many of you that it’s a arduous task at best and that there are just too many platforms to consider.  Plus, it’s next to impossible to get the reviews you need on all of them. Continue reading

5 Thought Provoking Questions To Make A Brand Connection

Make A Brand ConnectioneThe first time you meet with a prospect, you have a unique opportunity to crate a meaningful connection.  Sometimes just asking the right questions is all it takes to communicate expertise, professionalism, sincerity and intention. Your prospect is expecting the usual questions: What type of home are you seeking? When are you looking to move? Have you obtained financing? Etc.  Those questions are critical, of course.  But we’ve discovered five thought-provoking questions Continue reading

Lacking Confidence? You’re Not Alone.

Lack of Confidence-Twitter post pic.fw

Over the last twelve months, we’ve personally interviewed over 80 Realtors throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Each conversation has lasted at least 45 minutes.  We’ve discussed their challenges, frustrations, dreams and goals.  It’s been an enlightening and educational process for us, and we couldn’t help but notice one trait that many of them had in common.  Over 67% of the Realtors we interviewed cited ‘lack of confidence’ as a significant challenge to business growth.   They used descriptors such as inferiorless knowledgeableless accomplished and unprepared to describe themselves.  While that many stun some of you readers, it was no surprise to us.  It’s part of human nature and perhaps the main indicator of your personal star power. Continue reading