5 Thought Provoking Questions To Make A Brand Connection

Make A Brand ConnectioneThe first time you meet with a prospect, you have a unique opportunity to crate a meaningful connection.  Sometimes just asking the right questions is all it takes to communicate expertise, professionalism, sincerity and intention. Your prospect is expecting the usual questions: What type of home are you seeking? When are you looking to move? Have you obtained financing? Etc.  Those questions are critical, of course.  But we’ve discovered five thought-provoking questions Continue reading

Lacking Confidence? You’re Not Alone.

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Over the last twelve months, we’ve personally interviewed over 80 Realtors throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Each conversation has lasted at least 45 minutes.  We’ve discussed their challenges, frustrations, dreams and goals.  It’s been an enlightening and educational process for us, and we couldn’t help but notice one trait that many of them had in common.  Over 67% of the Realtors we interviewed cited ‘lack of confidence’ as a significant challenge to business growth.   They used descriptors such as inferiorless knowledgeableless accomplished and unprepared to describe themselves.  While that many stun some of you readers, it was no surprise to us.  It’s part of human nature and perhaps the main indicator of your personal star power. Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Clothes This Year

naked couple-did you forget somethingThe New Year has begun.  Resolutions have been made.  You’re ready to hit the ground running.  But are you, really?  Is your brand and position defined?  If not, it’s like leaving the house each day without clothing.  And while some would argue that this would certainly gain attention, I don’t believe it’s the kind of attention you had in mind when you set out to become #1 in your market. Continue reading

What I Learned From Auction.com

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.43.41 AMArticle by Michael Carr:

I’ve been investing in residential real estate since I was 20 years old. I have watched the suburbs of Atlanta grow and change with each decade and season. Atlanta is an incredible city full of rich resources and growth potential. Lawrenceville is an area that has certainly seen its share of growth. In the mid 1990’s it was the county seat for Gwinnett, the fastest growing county for several years in a row. Now, Lawrenceville is a hot bed for investment in residential real estate, and Auction.com has a fairly dominant hold on the investment market there. Continue reading

How Mistakes Can Build Trust

Trust concept.Trust.  It’s a small word and a huge responsibility.  Zig Ziglar once said, “If people like you, they will listen to you.  But if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”.

I feel honored every time one of my clients calls to ask my opinion about something. I consider that a result of the trust factor.

You probably think this article is about how admitting your mistakes can build trust.  While that is absolutely true (and worthy of an entire book) I’m taking a slightly different direction here. Continue reading

Do You Need a Personal Tagline?

The truth about marketing awarenessA lot of people ask me if they need a personal tagline, a phrase that acts as your unique identifier.  The answer is…yes.  Every entrepreneur, business leader or sales professional that goes through our BrandFace® training receives a personal tagline.  That tagline focuses on either who they are or what they do.  For instance, mine is Agent to Business Stars.  At a glance, it tells someone that I am an Agent (a word that most often applies to the Hollywood set) and that I work with people in the Business world…who are Stars (the best of the best).  Those four little words say a lot, right? Continue reading