Do You Need a Personal Tagline?

The truth about marketing awarenessA lot of people ask me if they need a personal tagline, a phrase that acts as your unique identifier.  The answer is…yes.  Every entrepreneur, business leader or sales professional that goes through our BrandFace® training receives a personal tagline.  That tagline focuses on either who they are or what they do.  For instance, mine is Agent to Business Stars.  At a glance, it tells someone that I am an Agent (a word that most often applies to the Hollywood set) and that I work with people in the Business world…who are Stars (the best of the best).  Those four little words say a lot, right? Continue reading

Content Calendars & OCD

Closeup calendar page with drawing-pinsObsessively Making Content Creation Stress-Free

I’m an organized person by nature.  In fact, some have jokingly diagnosed me with OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)—well, at least I think it’s a joke.  I certainly resemble that remark, but I embrace it wholeheartedly because I’ve seen the results that good organization can provide.  Among my top organization tips, I highly recommend creating your own exclusive content calendar, especially if you’re the face of your brand.  Here are five reasons why this little bit of OCD is good for you: Continue reading

Thinking Differently About Content

Think Different sign with clouds and sky background5 Fresh New Approaches to Content Marketing

Last Thursday evening I was conducting a workshop in Columbus, Ohio, when I was asked two excellent questions about content marketing:

  • People don’t want to hear from a roofing company every day. So how do you produce fresh and interesting content for social media that goes beyond your core services (roofing, automotive, plumbing, landscaping, etc.) and yet ties back to your business? Continue reading

Ten Traits of a BrandFace©

BF-Logo-colorThese are the attributes I consider vital to the long term success of a BrandFace.  I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It’s much harder to stay number one than it is to get there”.  I believe there are a lot of people who can get there; some by hard work, others by sheer luck.  But longevity is the magic, and those who remain at the top demonstrate these 10 traits that I know to be present in almost every true BrandFace I have encountered. Continue reading

The Strangest Branding Conversation…Ever

Blank billboardSo many interesting stories throughout my adulthood have begun with the words, “My Dad was visiting last week and…”

Well, it happened again. And this time I couldn’t resist sharing possibly the strangest branding conversation ever.

My Dad was visiting last week and…we were headed back to Columbus after spending the day in Cincinnati watching my son play volleyball. My Dad was taking note of the vast emptiness of the roadside corn and soybean fields when he blurted out, “Hey honey, a few years ago I came up with a great idea and I can’t believe no one has done it yet”. [Oh no] Continue reading

Gratitude Knows No Season

20150315_113419To those of you who are opposed to sappy, sentimental posts, you have my permission to skip right over this one.  But you’ll regret it if you do.  I feel compelled to share this story today.

Last week I visited my family in Georgia, and had the great honor to spend some time with my Aunt Ethel, whom you see pictured here. She’s 94, has Alzheimer’s and is living in a nursing home. Continue reading

3am Elevator Speech


Perfecting your elevator pitch is essential to clear communication and focus.  I’ve helped many people do that very thing over the years. But (just between you and me), I once sucked at doing it for myself. In the past, when someone asked me what we do, my response often began with, “How much time do you have?” and resulted in the proverbial ‘deer in the headlights’ look, which was soon followed by, ‘Now, what exactly is it that you do?” That’s when you know it sucks. Continue reading

Your Brand Starts With Thanks

Thank You NoteI was meeting with Jeff Young (LinkedIn Guru) in Columbus, Ohio yesterday, when he uttered a statement I thought to be quite profound.  He said, “Your brand starts with thanks”.  I couldn’t agree more, Jeff.  Thank you for sharing your personal story and LinkedIn knowledge with me, and for inspiring this post. Continue reading